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General Club Information

What is the club about?

This is a club for everybody, and it is important to stress that anyone is welcome to be a member of BMWOCSD. We do not require that you own a BMW motorcycle, or any motorcycle for that matter. If you are interested in becoming a member of this club then we assume that you are at least an admirer of BMW motorcycles. All family members are welcome at all club events, and we do hope they will decide to join the club too. 

A Brief History

The BMW Owners Club of San Diego, Inc. (BMWOCSD) was originally formed in 1970, and has been meeting and having fun riding BMW motorcycles on the roads of San Diego County and the world ever since. The club is chartered with both of the two large national BMW clubs (BMW Motorcycle Owners of America / BMWMOA, and BMW Riders Association / BMWRA). We are charter club #4 in both organizations. 

Membership and its Benefits

Our annual dues are currently $30 a year, and are collected in January. We will prorate that amount semi-annually for new members who join after June. For your money you get 12 issues of Road Signs, our monthly newsletter, which is one of the best local club newsletters in the country. You also get a membership card and a well organized group of fellow BMW motorcycle enthusiasts who are a very deep resource to draw from. There is a ton of camaraderie and sharing in this group, and you can get a lot of help and advice from the hundreds of years of combined experience gathered all in this one place.

Household or family members can join as Associate members, with full voting privileges, for half price. All members may bring guests to club events.

Mail Lists

We run three mailing lists, "events," "lets-ride," and "chatter." When you join the club, you're automatically subscribed to the "events" and "lets-ride" lists. We use "events" to remind members of upcoming events, or as a means of passing on time-sensitive information that didn't make it into the newsletter; only board members can post to the "events" list.

Any member can post to "lets-ride"--if you have an idea for a ride, send the details to "lets-rideatbmwocsd.org" (note clever use of "at" instead of the symbol "@" to fool spammers) and once it's approved by a moderator (currently the President and Road Captain) it'll go out to the subscribers.

The "chatter" list is for, well, chatter! If you're looking for riding partners, or suggested routes, or places to eat, or pretty much anything else, this is where you want to be. If you'd like to subscribe to the "chatter" list, send an email to "chatter-subscribeatbmwocsd.org" and I'll subscribe you. Note that you have to be a club member to subscribe, as the list is a club asset.


For a copy of our Bylaws, click here.