Linking Policy Statement:


We provide links from our BMW Owners Club of San Diego ("BMWOCSD") website to various websites in order to provide easily accessible, factual information about BMW motorcycles and motorcycle riding. Any link including hyperlinks, buttons or referral devices of any kind used on this site is provided for the use and convenience of the visitor. These linked websites may be owned or controlled by advertisers, sponsors, club members, consultants, or other third parties. BMWOCSD is not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any link(s) contained in any linked site or any changes or updates to the information contained in such sites.

The appearance of a link on this website does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation or certification by BMWOCSD, nor should the presence of a link in any way be construed as a suggestion that the site has any relationship with BMWOCSD.

BMWOCSD retains the right to reject, edit or remove existing or potential links at the club's sole discretion. Should any link on BMWOCSD's website or any linked website be found objectionable for any reason, a request that the link be removed should be sent to the Webmaster or mailed to BMWOCSD, P.O. Box 3320, San Diego, CA 92163-1320. BMWOCSD will consider all such requests but shall have no obligation to remove any links.

If you would like BMWOCSD to link to a website, please send a request to the Webmaster or BMWOCSD, P.O. Box 3320, San Diego, CA 92163-1320. All requests will be reviewed by the Web Committee which will make a recommendation to the Board. Links selected for this purpose should be authoritative, current, accurate, relevant in scope, and the content meet informational needs regarding BMW motorcycles and motorcycle riding.