BMW Owners Club of San Diego

This is a club for everybody, and it is important to stress that anyone is welcome to be a member of BMWOCSD.

We do not require that you own a BMW motorcycle, or any motorcycle for that matter.

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BMWOCSD is a paid membership organization with membership dues paid online.

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Established in 1970

The BMW Owners Club of San Diego, Inc. (BMWOCSD) was originally formed in 1970, and has been meeting and having fun riding BMW motorcycles on the roads of San Diego County and the world ever since.

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BMW Bikes

It's all about the bikes. We ride BMW bikes but riders of all bikes are welcome.

Annual Rides

One of our annual rides is to the California Central Coast. It's fun and full of camaraderie. This ride one from 2020 had us stopped for a short break northeast of the Santa Barbara for the views and some great laughs.

Local Rides in California

We ride wherever and on whatever the bikes takes up. Here we stop and check directions on a routine central California ride near Porterville.

Longer Distance Rides

A small group rode to Utah and stop on the side of the road in the snowy mountains to check out the scenery.

New Member Rides

We lead organized New Member Rides (NMR) through the local San Diego County roads. New members get to meet old members and share their experiences.

Special Events

On some special occasions, we will get together and socialize without our bikes. This is a San Diego Hornblower cruise on the San Diego Bay marking 50 years of riding as a club.

Social Dinners

We do more than just ride. Each month we have Full Moon Dinner social events, many times meeting in a local San Diego restaurant to wine and dine. But here we mixed it up and met on a member's yatch and wined and dined while cruising around the bay!

Membership Meetings

We meet each month for our membership meetings for dinner and updates from the Board. Frequently, the club will sponsor a special talk from others in the motorcycle industry.

Annual Events

Throughout the year, there are annual membership only events. This is our Oktoberfest rally, hitting a little dirt and then spending a couple of nights in the mountains and cabins with a roaring BBQ.

Annual Events

At the end of the year, we all get together at Tom Ham's Lighthouse for a Holiday Party, regaling in the memories of the year going out and welcoming in the next new year.

And a BMW sidecar!

'Nuff said.

And maybe two more!

Thanks to Klaus!

But remember the bikes

Regardless of all the BMWOCSD club activities, in the end it's about riding to places with friends and creating new memories.

What members are saying...

Warren Y.

"I rode when I was very young, back East in the mountains. Then I stopped for many years and picked it up again about 12 years ago. I joined this club and honed my skills with many great riders. Enjoyed many days on the saddle on all the great roads of the South West with many great people. Love this club!"

Mike M.

"Best 30 bucks you'll ever spend. The rides the trips the experience the knowledge the ability that this club has to make you a better rider The events every month the social events throughout the year the off-road portion it's all there come and join us. Laughter, camaraderie and great rides... is just the beginning"

Rick A.

"I grew up exploring North San Diego County back when dirt trails outnumbered paved roads. So motorcycles have always played a big role in my life. Sometime in my 40s I discovered how much fun it was to “share the passion”. After stumbling in and out of several groups, I found this club. The tribal knowledge held within a 50 year old club often goes unappreciated. But the road trips are unforgettable and the people are amazing. What more can you ask for?"

Fulton M.

"BMWOCSD has been a big part of my life for the last 30+ years, and I'm not done yet!"

David M.

"I joined the BMWOCSD right when the pandemic hit the world. How better to socially distance yet still partake in group activity right?? I have been riding with this group since then, supported and led New Member Rides, and have countless laughs and miles experienced since then. This is a quality group of excellent riders from diverse backgrounds and age groups. What is not to like!"

Clayton C.

"Love the new website. Thank you Warren. Thank you Fulton for your years of dedicated, committed, reliable service/newsletter/communications etc. You’ve been the communications backbone of BMWOCSD, you’ll be missed! Sincerely, Clayton W. Churchill 370 Center Conway Road Brownfield Maine 04010 "

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